Download our Case Study: Frederick Memorial Hospital Reduces Sepsis Mortality Rate by 65 Percent with MEDITECH



About: Frederick Memorial Hospital (Frederick, MD) is the hub of Frederick Regional Health System and the only acute care hospital in the county. Located 50 miles from Baltimore, this nonprofit, 233-bed facility and its outpatient services account for 285,000 visits every year. FMH has been validated as a HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7 provider.

Challenge: Frederick Memorial Hospital’s leading cause of death was sepsis, with mortality rates as high as 16 percent. An analysis determined that 97 percent of sepsis patients arrived at FMH via the hospital’s emergency department. The hospital did not have bundles or protocols in place, nor did they have a system to recognize borderline sepsis patients.

Execution: Recognizing the need for a comprehensive approach to sepsis care, FMH leadership designed a three-pronged strategy that consisted of:  

  1. Forming a multidisciplinary committee to establish best practices for sepsis screening, order set bundles, documentation, and chart review
  2. Improving sepsis awareness by changing the organizational culture at a multidisciplinary level
  3. Instituting a corporate goal of reducing sepsis mortality and surpassing the core measure at a minimum of 80 percent.

Results: A strong, collaborative, and multidisciplinary approach enabled FMH to decrease sepsis rates and improve core measure compliance, while changing the organization’s culture.

  • SEP-1 core measure compliance rates rose from 32 percent to 80 percent, but have reached as high as 91 percent. (The national average is 51 percent.)
  • The sepsis mortality rate decreased 65 percent from almost 16 percent down to 4.76 percent.

FMH has transformed itself from a below-average performer to a recognized leader in the fight against sepsis.