Download our case study: Major Health Partners Uses MEDITECH Expanse Hypertension Patient Registries in Population Health Initiative

Major-Health-Partners-Case-Study--thumbnailAbout: Major Health Partners (Shelbyville, IN) is a leading healthcare provider serving communities across southeastern Indiana. It consists of a 51-bed medical center and a full range of specialty services and clinics.

Challenge: When MHP formed its Primary Care Council in late 2019, the organization assembled a multidisciplinary team to review chronic conditions. The committee envisioned creating a program that focused on tracking population health, but they lacked the means to aggregate panels of patients with the same disease.

Execution: Upon implementing MEDITECH Expanse, MHP recognized that the availability of ambulatory registries provided a means to aggregate and stratify lists. By setting up patient registries, MHP could effectively identify the size and scope of patients with the same disease and prioritize which patient groups it wants to target. 

The council identified the community’s most common chronic health conditions it would track through the registry program and began by implementing a hypertension registry in MEDITECH Expanse. Using a tiered tracking system for the registry, MHP first targeted patients with a systolic blood pressure reading of ≥160, extending in subsequent phases to patients with readings of 150–160 and 140–150.

Results: After a year in the making, the hypertension program showed measurable results; blood pressure readings began to trend downward within a few weeks of implementation. MHP has routinely seen significant percentage drops for patients beginning the month with systolic BP above 160, and finishing the month below that number. In May 2020, 57% of patients monitored improved to below the under 160 threshold, and throughout 2020 monthly reductions averaged approximately 30%. The numbers are expected to rise and settle over the next several months as patients return to MHP, now that COVID-19 concerns have begun to ease.

Quote: I need to know where I'm at with all the quality measures to serve my patients best. Registries help us do that.”

Emily Andaya, MD, Major Health Partners