Join Our Customer Community 


After nearly five decades of growth and recognition, MEDITECH is uniquely poised to influence and inform healthcare like never before. So we’re uniting our customer community under a new banner: One MEDITECH Circle.

One MEDITECH Circle represents the collective voice of our MEDITECH community, which includes customers, employees, and industry thought leaders. And we want you to be a part of it!

Here are just a few ways you and your organization can share how we're transforming healthcare together:

  • MEDITECH Blog: Work with our writers to craft an article
  • Speaking Engagements: Get our help in presenting your info
  • Success Story: Find an outlet to share your success
  • Marketing Demonstrations: Share your system expertise with others
  • MEDITECH Advocate: Help us accurately represent MEDITECH throughout the industry media and research companies
  • Corporate Strategic Initiatives: Join specialized groups for maximum collaboration