MEDITECH Expanse: The Intelligent EHR Platform

In this demo, see how MEDITECH Expanse connects it all — patients, caregivers, past and future, competitors and partners — providing real time, actionable insight for human decision making.

In this demo, you will learn about: 

  • The physician’s experience: Physicians face unpredictable situations every day, but their EHR shouldn’t be among them. MEDITECH Expanse gives doctors an EHR that suits them and the way they work so they can provide safe and efficient care, no matter what.
  • Consuming and deploying data with intention: MEDITECH and Google Health collaborate to advance clinical search and discovery. Expanse search and summarization lifts the burden of sifting through vast amounts of patient records and documents, extracting the most important data for clinicians to review.
  • Expanse as the mobile EHR for clinical users: Expanse connects the patient’s entire health journey — and helps providers make care decisions based on the best information available, wherever they are and whenever they need it. 

Learn more about how MEDITECH Expanse helps remedy the realities of today with modern, web-based tools.