Video: Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Going Beyond Clinical Care

A patient’s health is determined by so much more than the care they receive in a hospital or physician’s office. In this video, Billie Lynn Allard and Jennifer Fels of Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) discuss social determinants of health — the socioeconomic factors that can make or break your patient outcomes.

Working together with a team of community partners, SVMC successfully:

  • Reduced ED visits by 18.3% post-transitional care nurse intervention
  • Reduced inpatient/observation visits by 49.7% post-transitional care nurse intervention
  • Reduced ED visits by 44% for patients dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues
  • Reduced average A1C by 15.7% post-integrated diabetes education
  • Recorded a 0% readmission rate three months post-graduation from pulmonary rehab program

NOTE: This is a video of a previously recorded live webinar. For additional offerings, see our upcoming webinars.