Webinar: COVID-19 Surveillance

Dan Seltzer, Senior Analyst, EHR Toolkits
Larissa DeGregorio, Senior Specialist, Client Support

Goals: To demonstrate MEDITECH’s Quality and Surveillance workflow guidance and to discuss how organizations are surveying and managing patients with suspected COVID-19 infection. 

MEDITECH’s Quality and Surveillance (QRM) solution features an actionable, real‐time monitoring system that analyzes patient data and automatically identifies patients who are at risk of a specific condition or quality measure. Surveillance capabilities continually monitor real-time activity, looking for patients who meet the COVID-19 criteria: patients at risk of COVID-19 based on screening questions, patients for whom COVID-19 testing has been ordered, and patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. Upon identifying a patient who meets the criteria for any of the three COVID-19 profiles — COVID-19 Risk, COVID-19 Testing Ordered, or COVID-19 Confirmed Patients — Surveillance tools generate electronic alerts on physician status boards, ED trackers, surgical trackers, nursing status boards, and Surveillance status boards, all of which reflect the patient’s current status.

In this session, we demonstrate MEDITECH’s Surveillance workflow guidance, followed by a discussion on how organizations are surveying patients for COVID-19 and handling related isolations/precautions. Discussion points include:

  • Use of Surveillance tools to manage the care of COVID-19 patients.
  • Criteria used to screen patients, and identify those at risk.
  • Clinical workflows where Surveillance indicators present. 
  • Common issues encountered.
  • Additional goals and expectations for the use of Surveillance tools for COVID-19.

Prior to viewing this session, we highly recommend you view the following videos, which outline the build process for the COVID-19 Surveillance profiles:

NOTE: This is a video of a previously recorded live webinar. For additional offerings, see our upcoming webinars